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Fun-guy Compost

Fun-guy Compost is a fungal dominant compost created using the Johnson-Su bioreactor composting method which "reproduces the forest floor".  The bioreactor method micmics nature's own process:  clean leaves, frequently watered, left to decompose over time.  It produces compost teeming with microorganisms that improve soil and enhance plant growth.  Used in conjunction with the Five Principles of Healthy Soil, it will restore dirt to soil and increase plant productivity.

Fun-guy Compost

1 Pound
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  • Fungal dominant compost was developed by Dr. David Johnson, New Mexico State University.  It is part of his Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management (BEAM) approach to improve soil and plant productivity. Fungal dominant compost is a product that repairs soil microbes in soil degraded through conventional agriculture methods. That, along with no-till practices, cover crops and other Regenerative Agriculture practices (the Five Principles of Healthy Soil), enable the normal symbiosis between these microbes and plant roots to occur. Quite quickly, the soil starts to recover, and striking improvements in crop yields and carbon sequestration occurs.