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Introducing Fun-guy Compost

Not your ordinary garden compost!

  • Nature's own process: enhances soil microbes to create plant nutrients organically - no additives, ever!

  • Handmade, totally organic.

  • Makes an extract to inoculate seeds or feed plants

  • Use sparingly:: 1 tsp/gal water, 1-2 lbs/acre!

Created using Johnson-Su Bioreactors 

Fungi-dominant compost

Our Products and Services

Johnson-Su Bioreactors

Johnson-Su Compost

Available by the pound

only 1 lb/acre! 

Hand-made fungi compost

Compost Consulting

Advice and guidance tailored to your specific situation

Fun-guy Compost Application

Compost Application

Onsite application of compost paste or extract

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What is Fun-guy Compost?



Dr David Johnson created BEAM (Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management) which uses the Johnson-Su Bioreactor System. Bioreactors produce a high quality, nutrient rich, fungal dominated compost. BEAM addresses soil health through soil biology and the interdependence between plants and soil microbes.



Fungal dominant compost is a product that replenishes microbes in soil depleted by conventional agriculture methods.  Ours is a compost with a 5 to 1 ratio of fungi to bacteria. Combined with the Five Principles of Soil Stewardship, it improves soil building, water retention, carbon sequestration, and enhance plant growth.



Fun-guy Compost can be applied to seeds or living roots in different ways using a paste, an extract, or a sprayer mixture. Seeds are inoculated using compost diluted with water.,  Existing plants and trees are watered with extract. Fields and furrows are sprayed with screened compost extract, applying only 1-2 lbs/acre.

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More About Us

Fun-guy Compost Company is committed to helping you grow the most productive plants possible in a completely organic environment.  We produce our compost using the Johnson-Su bioreactor method to create microbial-rich compost which is different from ordinary garden compost.   It is NOT an additive for the soil; it enhances soil microbes that then create plant nutrients organically.  The bioreactor method essentially reproduces the forest floor-and creates natural compost filled with microbes. Bioreactors are filled with clean leaves, watered daily, and left to decompose.  The process takes a year and the compost has the consistency of clay when mature.​ 

Fun-Guy Compost Mission

Making fungi-dominant compost

Matt Batchelder

My goal to help growers, be they urban gardeners or small scale farmers, produce the best plants possible


  • Increase knowledge about soil building.

  • Promote BEAM (Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management) approach devised by Dr. David Johnson with his wife Hui-Chun Su.

  • Produce fungal dominant compost to increase the viability of soil and plant growth. 

  • Educate growers about the importance of practicing good soil stewardship .

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