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Introducing Fun-guy Compost


Not your ordinary garden compost!

  • Nature's own process: enhances soil microbes to create plant nutrients organically - no additives, ever!

  • Handmade, totally organic.

  • Diluted with water to inoculate seeds or feed plants.

  • Cheap, effective for crops: 1 tsp/gal water, 1-2 lbs/acre!


Created using Johnson-Su Bioreactors 

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What is Fun-guy Compost?



Dr David Johnson created BEAM (Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management) which uses the Johnson-Su Bioreactor System. Bioreactors produce a high quality, nutrient rich, fungal dominated compost. BEAM addresses soil health through soil biology and the interdependence between plants and soil microbes.



Fungal dominant compost is a product that replenishes microbes in soil depleted by conventional agriculture methods.  Ours is a compost with a 5 to 1 ratio of fungi to bacteria. Combined with the Five Principles of Soil Stewardship, it improves soil building, water retention, carbon sequestration, and enhance plant growth.



Fun-guy Compost can be applied to seeds or living roots in different ways using a paste, an extract, or a sprayer mixture. Seeds are inoculated using compost diluted with water.,  Existing plants and trees are watered with extract. Fields and furrows are sprayed with screened compost extract, applying only 1-2 lbs/acre.

More About Us

Fun-guy Compost Company is committed to helping you grow the most productive plants possible in a completely organic environment.  We produce our compost using the Johnson-Su bioreactor method to create microbial-rich compost which is different from ordinary garden compost.   It is NOT an additive for the soil; it enhances soil microbes that then create plant nutrients organically.  The bioreactor method essentially reproduces the forest floor-and creates natural compost filled with microbes. Bioreactors are filled with clean leaves, watered daily, and left to decompose.  The process takes a year and the compost has the consistency of clay when mature.​


​Healthy soil is hard to find these days.  But you can bring your soil back to life by following several effective practices.  For example, using soil inoculation (adding specific microbes to soil) along with the Five Principles of Healthy Soil will go a long way to restoring your soil's effectiveness in a natural, sustainable way. 


Fungal dominant compost can be used as a soil inoculation because it  increases the ratio of fungi and bacteria in soil for improved plant productivity.  It also increases carbon sequestration (removing carbon dioxide from the air) to reduce air pollution and regenerate cropland soils which are depleted in organic carbon.

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Fun-Guy Compost Company Mission

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Matt Batchelder

My goal to help growers, be they urban gardeners or small scale farmers, produce the best plants possible. 


  • Increase knowledge about soil building and its importance to our planet by supporting the Five Principles of Healthy Soil. 

  • Promote BEAM (Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management) approach devised by Dr. David Johnson with his wife Hui-Chun Su.

  • Produce fungal dominant compost to increase the viability of soil and plant growth using non-chemical means using Johnson-Su Bioreactors

  • Educate growers about the importance of practicing good soil stewardship by reducing soil disturbance and the introduction of unnecessary chemicals in the growing process, maintaining living roots, keeping soil covered and increasing biodiversity.

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